Interim Post

Hello to my followers out there!

I’m posting this post here on the sight to share an update; this is a temporary post and will be removed later, but the information is still valid. As of August 2017, I, Kaylen, have been on a little hiatus because of vacation, followed by returning to school. While I enjoyed being more active across my social media, I’ve been a little busy to keep up as I like. Coursework is picking up and I need to focus on that among other things. I’m still on a hiatus a bit; though I am still active on Instagram and Facebook for the most part.

With that said, I have an idea I want to share. I’ve been thinking about my blog on my website and thought maybe I could do vlogs and articles as a future post on my site. I haven’t completely thought it through but I figured I should try to write and blog more. I may even do some short story post or poetry. Embrace all creativity. Perhaps articles about the art industry or analysis of events. I don’t know for sure but I wanted to put the idea out there. All and all, as I develop more work I also want to have some writing aspect as well, so yeah. Just some thoughts in an informal post. Felt like sharing, leave comments if you have ideas or topics; or if you find the idea interesting.

Thanks for reading!


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