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Freelance Status: Open

Hi everyone! [*PLEASE READ*]

As I have made known in my last post, I would be posing for commissions/ freelance availability.  I am, as of today June 2nd, available for ONE commission/ freelance project the month of June. I will have two more, one in July and in August. These are short-term project availability; projects that I categorize as short-term are:

  • Caricature/ Portraiture
  • Character Design/ Illustration
  • Fan Art
  • Advertisement/Marketing Design (i.e, flyers, posters, banners, etc.)

Long-term project commission/ freelance will not be available until the end of August. Long-term projects include:

  • Character Design/ Illustration
  • Concept Art
  • Book Illustration (i.e. book covers, children’s book, graphic novel/comic)
  • Web Design
  • Identity/ Business Branding

If schedule permits, I will be able to incorporate more commission projects and will contact you upon availability.  So, if you or someone you know need an artist or designer, please email

Please note:

All freelance projects are subject to pay the designer/artist required an hourly rate of $15/hr in what is called a cost and material platform. Rate may change and can be negotiated but is dependent on the project and timeline; the artist will not work for under legal minimum wage.

Graphic Design

  • All graphic design projects are subject to the necessity and budget of the client. Graphic Design projects include logo design, identity/business branding, and advertisement/marketing design. Clients are required to pay at minimum, the state minimum wage or higher, depending on the complexity of the project. Upon meeting (if applicable) or communication of the project needs, numbers will be estimated or determined. If necessary, the final numbers will be determined at each interval of payment. For cooperate graphic design inquiry, terms of payment are determined between contract and negotiation of the company or designer.

Illustration Design

  • All Illustration work is subject to the necessity and budget of the client. SketchiStudios artist and designers promote family friendly content and will not create any NSFW (not safe for work), nude, sexual, political or racial concepts. All projects defying the values of SketchiStudios will be denied immediately. Illustrations project include, but are not limited to book illustration, caricatures or portraiture, character design or character illustration, concept art and fan art.


– Kaylen H.
Founder & Artist of SketchiStudios 

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