SketchiStudios is your little online hub for unique story telling, comics, art illustrations, and animation. We believe in creating content that has a Christian worldview; promoting the values of the word of God in a fun, creative, and entertaining way. We strive to build a family friendly environment that tells entertaining stories and embraces our passions.


SketchiStudios creates a variety of projects from simple sketches to animations. The focus of each work stems from anime/cartoon influences, pop culture, literature, and music. Each project strives to be story-driven, teach values and generate a positive impact with our audience.


File_000 (1) copyKaylen Harrington

Founder & Creator

Personal Bio: My name is Kaylen Harrington and I am currently enrolled as a student at Liberty University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio and Digital Arts. As an artist, I want to become a professional character designer/ concept artist at a gaming or animation studio; my future aspiration is to one day run my own studio. My artistic passion stems from my love of Japanese manga and animation, cinema, and cartoons. Artists such as Hayao Miyazaki and Paris Christou are among many artists have been large inspirations on my storytelling, aspirations, and goals.

I believe anyone can be an artist because art begins with an idea, no matter how small. We are all intelligently designed by God, endowed with the ability to create and to be imaginative; creativity and innovation start with this understanding, which we artist, use to turn ideas into realities.

My goal is to create works that inspire the next generation to be creative and turn their ideas into reality. I want to tell my stories and to communicate my vision of art. I’m creative, have a strong work ethic, and constantly seek opportunities to further develop my professional skills and advance within the field of visual arts.