About SketchiStudios

Greetings! My name is Kaylen Harrington, founder & creator of SketchiStudios, an online portfolio designed to reflect my interest and passions. So, what brings you here? What is SketchiStudios exactly? SketchiStudios is my portfolio, my stage, my place, and my world where the creations of my imagination come to life. Here on this website, you can not only peruse my artwork but also get insight on my latest ideas, my thought process behind each piece, as well as reading my writings which occasionally inspire my works.
On my channel, I create entertainment content with art speed painting videos, tutorials, and animation. With each video, with or without commentary, I aim to tell a story, exploring the world of imagination and ideas while also trying out new techniques.

Who I am?

I am currently a student of Liberty University in pursuit of a graphic design degree. I believe that anyone can be an artist if they aspire to be one. We are all built and design in the image of God, who is the ultimate creator, and we are designed to be creative.

I’m a primarily self-taught artist with a few years of art class teaching.  I am a lover of many things; books, films, video games and animation inspire my creativity. It is my goal to tell a story with every piece I create and bring my imagination to life. My passion for the arts stems from my exposure to Japanese manga and culture during elementary school. Since then, my thirst for the arts has grown, fueling my latest projects and designs.

More Questions?

FAQ page coming soon.

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