Website Development

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Greetings everyone! SketchiStudios is undergoing some serious website changes and will be inactive in terms of posting new content for a while. The gallery on the website has been taken down until further notice. I hope to have it up again soon. The blog will do its best to stay consistent and post updates on SketchiStudios’s latest projects.



SketchiStudios Logo

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Greetings to all,

SketchiStudios has developed a new logo! The idea behind this logo was inspired by this concept I had in my head called “the call of adventure.” When SketchiStudios first started out, I considered the website to be the portfolio of a young artist. Over time, I’ve grown to see SketchiStudios as more of a small creative studio. The “S” shape within the logo design stands for SketchiStudios but also represents a portal; a door to the mysterious realms of the imagination in which I, the artist, and my viewers will step through as SketchiStudios produces our products. With SketchiStudios’s transition from a portfolio to a small business, I’m learning that there is a lot of work to be done! With that said, a new identity was necessary.